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 Auto Equalize

This function takes an image, looks at the intensity ranges for each plane, and stretches the contrast so that it uses the full dynamic range of the image.  Each plane is stretched independently.

This function automatically determines the ranges to contrast expand, based on the lowest and highest intensity value found in the image.  This means that one stray dark or bright pixel will defeat this function.  For an interactive version of this function that allows you to manually adjust the ranges, use Equalize.

When auto equalizing a stack, the range can be calculated in one of several ways.  The method that Auto Equalize uses is set on the Stack Options page.  If the “Stack Processing” setting is turned off, only the current image in the stack will be equalized.  When on, each layer can be equalized together as a group, independently, or the current image range can be applied to the entire stack.

Since this function is generating new gray values, you should not make any densitometric measurements on this image. 

See Also

Equalize, Histogram, Stack Options


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