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Binning is a method of including or excluding certain objects by virtue of the objects morphometric characteristics. (See the glossary for another meaning for the word binning!) Sorting, or data exclusion, takes place during the object measurement operations (see measure) with the goal of selecting or rejecting objects that fall into preset morphometric ranges (e.g. measure all objects greater than 100 microns, or measure all objects with a shape factor greater than 0.9 etc.). The Default Bin is always present in the Currently defined Bins category, but it can be excluded by clicking off the Include these Objects switch. To add a new bin category click on the New button.

Click on Add, and then the Criteria Menu will appear.

The down arrows allow one to choose the morphometric parameters and the math symbols possible. If the comparison is Calibrated (see calibration), the Calibrated Comparison switch should be checked on. If the binning comparison can only be done in pixels, the Calibrated Comparison check box will not be accessible. Once the Criteria have been setup, click on the Ok button and a new Currently defined Bins category will appear with the name that was in the Name window.


The Include these Objects check box is an important check box to consider when making measurements with Northern Eclipse. In each new bin category the criteria chosen can either be included or not included depending on this check box, but be careful when un-checking the Default Bin. It is possible to exclude any measurements from being made and if your system is a multi-user system it may be wise to turn the Default Bin parameters back on or the next person to use the system may not be getting the results they expect.


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