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 Calibration Bar

The Calibration Bar tool is used to place a calibration bar on the current image. The system should be calibrated prior to using this tool or the calibration bar will be in pixel units (see Distance Calibration).
To use this tool, click on the Calibration Bar tool, and then place the calibration on the appropriate place on the current image window by holding down the left mouse button and moving the calibration bar on the image.

Subdivisions can be changed between none, Start/Finish, Major and All markings by clicking on the subdivisions drop down menu.
The Include Text check box, when checked, will include the distance under the calibration bar.

The bar and text color can be changed by double clicking on the color box. At this point a dialog box will come up allowing red, green and blue or HSV values to be set.

Moving the R, G and B sliders will change the color in the Color Selection widow. Click on Set when the color is correct. The Method drop down box allows one to switch between RGB and HSV.

Note: The calibration bar auto scales, depending on the distance calibration setting.

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