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 Curved scan measurement


The Curved Line Scan function can be used to measure density values or intensity values under a drawn line. To use this tool, click on the tool and start tracing on an image while holding the left mouse button down.

The Subtract Background check box option may be used if background noise or gray levels need to be subtracted from line measurements. Clicking on Define background allows the background line to be placed appropriately. Each pixel within the defined background line will be subtracted from all subsequent measurement lines drawn.  The Bright on Dark check box must be checked on for measuring white objects on a dark background. The default unchecked setting is for measuring dark objects on a light background. Once the appropriate options are chosen, draw a line while holding down the left mouse button over the objects if interest. It may be useful to zoom the image up while drawing (see Zoom).

After a line is drawn moving the mouse on the Curve Scan Graph, while holding down the left button,  highlights areas of the graph in yellow. This highlighting is used to specify the data area of interest under the graph. Once an area of the Curve Scan Graph has been highlighted, only the data from that area under the graph will be logged to excel once the Log Data button has been clicked. If an area of the graph is not specified all the data under the graph will be logged once the Log Data button has been clicked.

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