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 Draw Circle Tool

The Drawing Tools (touch up tools) are designed to draw lines, curves, polygons, circles, squares and text on the current image. The Eyedropper Tool can pull any color from the current image.


The Draw Circle Tool can be used to draw circles on the current image, with outline thickness, color and Outline options available.
The Invert (XOR) check box, when checked, allows circles to be drawn with the opposite color of the pixel or pixels on the current image.
The Fill check box option, when checked, will fill the circles in with a color of choice. Unchecked, only an outline will be drawn.
The Outline check box, when checked, will allow the circle to have an outline of a different color.
The Fill color and the Outline color can be adjusted by double clicking on the appropriate color box, and then a dialog box will come up allowing red, green and blue or HSV values to be set.

Moving the R, G and B sliders will change the color in the Color Selection widow. Click on Set when the color is correct. The Method drop down box allows one to switch between RGB and HSV.
The outline Thickness can be changed by adjusting the numeric thickness spinner up or down.

To use the Draw Circle Tool, click on the Draw Circle icon, and then while holding down the left mouse button on an image, pull a circle in any direction. Options can be changed in the Image Touch Up menu at any time. Once the circle (or ellipse) has been drawn, and is positioned properly on the image, click on the Stamp button.

While drawing circles on the current image, the Remove or Remove All buttons may be used to remove either the last circle drawn or all circles. Once the Stamp button has been clicked, the drawn circles become a permanent part of the current image.

It is possible to remove the last circles, one at a time after the Stamp button has been pressed by using the Undo button depending on how many undo levels have been set in the user configuration page (see Undo).

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