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Serial Options

Serial Camera Control Setup

This function defines the parameters that should be used to connect to serially controlled cameras.  Default:  9600,N,8,1. Once the serial communications protocols have been changed they will be saved until the next time this menu is called.

Serial Device Command Descriptions

The Serial Device Command Descriptions menu is used so that the correct serial communication protocols can be set for some of the following equipment: Z-axis controllers, Excitation filter wheels, Sony time-lapse VCR, Microscope Scanning Stages, or any other serial device. After the correct Serial communications protocol has been setup, a serial device can then be connected to the proper Serial Port (Com1 or Com2) and then the Serial Control commands on the device should be setup. Some equipment is controlled solely by OLE applications. Check with your local dealer or Empix Imaging Inc. for questions regarding specific hardware and device control.

There is a selection of sample DCD files included with Eclipse.  They are stored in the DCD subdirectory.  Once you have added a DCD file to the list, its commands will appear on the Eclipse Device Menu.  You can then select them as if they were built in commands.  You can even record a macro and these commands will be included. 

If you would like to know how to make a custom DCD file for your hardware, you should start by looking at sample.dcd.  It can be edited with any text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad) and contains comments on how to modify it for your purposes.  Alternatively, you can contact your local Dealer for support.

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