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 Stack Configuration

To configure Stack Options (multi-layer tiff or movie file processing options), right click on the Northern Eclipse desktop area, and then click on Properties.

This page of the Options menu allows changes to be made in Northern Eclipse to alter how image stacks are processed (multi-layered tiff, movie files or loaded AVI files).
The Enabled Full stack processing when checked will process the full image stack (all the images in the stack). Unchecked processing will only take place on the current stack layer (the one in view).  An example would be if you use Auto Equalize processing function (see AutoEqualize) with Full stack processing enabled, all of the images in the stack would be equalized, otherwise only the current layer is equalized.

There are 3 methods to choose from when doing full stack processing:
1/ Equalize each Layer Independently will process each layer independent of other layers in the stack. The dynamic range of each image in the stack is the basis for processing that layer.
2/ Equalize Stack based on All Layers in the stack processes the stack based on the pixel dynamic range of the full stack of images.
3/ Equalize Stack based on Current Layer allows the full stack to be processed based on the pixel data of the current image.

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