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 Search Annotations

Text that was assigned to an image with the annotation function may be searched for with this function and the appropriate image will be retrieved.

Click on the Search Icon to find an image that has been annotated. Type in a word or phrase into the “Text to Search For:” area. Click on Add, and then more words could be added in the same way. Click on Search and all of the annotation files with the word or words searched on will show up in the Search Results area. Click on “Load Image” or double click on the annotation file to load the associated image file.

Advanced Searches

Multiple words entered on the same line are ANDed together. Multiple additions are ORed together. Example: To find all images with both words “banana” and “apple” or with the word “pear” enter “banana apple” and press Add. Next, enter “pear” and press Add again. The search selection will look like the following:

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