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 Add Line Grid

This tool is used to overlay a black or white line grid at any angle over the current image.  To define the line grid, click and hold the left mouse button, drag the mouse and release.  This is the same method used to draw all lines in Eclipse.

This function is used when you need to subdivide an object into strips to be measured separately.  This is especially important when the object extends past the edge of the screen.  Each strip can then be measured for diameter and an average for the object can be calculated.  Whenever a single pixel wide line separates two objects, the 4-way boundary rule must be used to measure them (located on the Data Options page of the Northern Eclipse Options Dialog).

The “Spoke Count” setting determines the number of lines in the line grid.  The “Spoke Length” setting determines the length of each spoke.  The spine is defined as the line defined by the mouse.  You can include the spine by clicking on “Include Spine in Grid”.  The “Bright on Dark” setting allows you to choose between a white and black grid. 

The grid remains as an overlay on the image even if you select another tool.  Once you are done with the grid overlay, you can remove it by using the Remove Last Selection or Remove All Selection functions.  You can stamp the grid into the image by selecting the “Stamp” button.  The grid will then become part of the image and the overlay is removed.  Alternately, you can use the Duplicate Display function to stamp all overlays into the image.

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