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 Open Image

The Open Image File window is found by clicking on File in the upper left of the northern main screen, and then clicking on Open Image two items down.

This function is executed to recall stored images from disk. Click once on the Open icon with the left mouse button to view the Open Image File window. Using the horizontal scroll bar all images in the current directory may be viewed. Double click on the image of choice, and the image will be loaded into the program. A single click on an image file, followed by clicking Open will also load an image. Drives and directories may be chosen in the normal Windows fashion. Scrolling through file types will allow loading all supported file formats. Northern Eclipse supports long (up to 255 characters) file names.

Most, but not all TIFF formats are supported. Use the public domain program GRAPHIC WORKSHOP (GWS) to convert images from other formats (GIF, JPG, etc.). If a TIFF format will not load, convert it to a BMP format in GWS.

See Also

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