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 Save Image

This function is used to store an image from the current active image window to disk for future analysis. Click once with the left mouse button to view the image SAVE window. Type in the File Name window area (just start typing), or double click on an old name to write the new image over an old image. Drives and directories may be chosen in the normal Windows fashion. Scrolling through file types will allow saving of BMP, TIFF, TGA, or 16 bit SPE file formats. If the BMP suffix is not added to a File Name, 8 bit & 24 bit images will be saved as a BMP files, and 16 bit grayscale images will be saved as SPE files. Long file names of up to 256 characters are supported (e.g. This sentence could be a long file name for an image). The Save Image window may be found by clicking on File in the upper left of the Northern main screen, and then clicking on Open Image five items down.

See Also

Open Image, NewImage


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