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 Trace Tool

This tool is used to outline a box on an image. The drawn box can be used for measuring (see measure) objects within the box created, for selecting color threshold values for the selected region (see threshold), cropping the selected region of an image (see crop),  or cutting an area out of an image (see cut). To measure objects with this tool, threshold an image and then objects within the image can be outlined with this tool for measuring. It is also possible to create many boxes on an image (and/or combine with traced regions) before measurements are executed. (Regions may be removed by selecting Remove all selections or Remove last selection.)


All objects completely within the outline, those touching the line, or all objects that have a center of gravity within the outline can be measured depending on how the data options have been set (See Data Options).

Example: When the Trace Tool has been chosen, move the mouse cursor while holding down the left mouse button, tracing an object of interest. Releasing the mouse button will close the object. The line will fly back to the starting point of the trace.


Threshold the image and then Measure. At this point all of the selected objects in the field outlined by the ellipse will be measured and a Data Results dialog box will come up. In the Data Results menu, click on LOG to DDE to send the data to Excel or the currently connected program supporting Dynamic Data Exchange (see DDE).


This tool will make measurements (without thresholding) of all the regions placed on an image as long as in the Data Options section, under Object Policies, Objects Partially inside selection are set to Cut by selection.


If this function is used as a Visual Basic routine, Visual C++ routine or macro, the same size box may be applied to new images repetitively as a mask (or template). Selected regions can be saved as regions (*.msk files) with the use of the Save current selections option.


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